Meet the Jilly Willy's Tribe


Jill Williams  (artist/Owner)

I have enjoyed creating unique art for as long as I can remember. My inspiration comes from the beauty of the world around me as well as the people and things I love the most.  I hope my artwork brings happiness to those who view it, buy it or receive it as a gift and makes your heart smile, because creating each piece makes my own heart smile.  Creating something beautiful reminds me just how wonderful life can be and is, and how beautiful change can be.  One of my favorite things to paint are angels.  In some of my angel paintings, you will notice that the angels have patchwork quilts for wings. This symbolizes my belief that no matter what pieces of our lives become broken or torn apart, that it is never too late to pick up all the pieces, stitch them back together and create a new and beautiful self.  I hope my artwork inspires you and gives you hope. 


George  (Right Hand Man)


My husband is my biggest cheerleader.  I wouldn't have had the courage to of taken the leap of faith to jump in with both feet and start an entrepreneurship if it weren't for him telling me I was a butterfly who was ready to take flight.  He's helped and supported in every aspect of the art and farm business and I couldn't have done it without him.  I'm grateful, thankful and blessed to have someone so special to share my journey with.

Austin and Calvin

Austin and Calvin

Austin  (artist, photographer & Farm assistant)

Austin loves to come help at the farm when baby goats need bottle fed, or the fields need mowed or if we need a helpful farm sitter, he’s always willing to lend a helping hand with any farm help we need.


Emily Lynn (Photographer, Angel Model & Farm Assistant)

Sugar & Emily

Sugar & Emily

Emily is very talented when it comes to photography.  She snaps photos of inspirations for some of my artwork here at Jilly Willy's.  Also, when I need a photo to go by to paint pictures of angels, my sweet daughter Emily will hold a goat or hug a farm animal so I can snap a few pictures to get a reference photo.  She also helps manage the farm if we ever need to travel.  My children are my angels and inspirations for many of the creations here at Jilly Willy's. 


Penelope (Employee of the Month!)

Penelope gets the Employee of the Month award!  She gave birth to quadruplets this year and she gives us around 46 ounces a day of milk.  She has such a good nature, is a great mommy to her babies and has the most delicious milk!  Her milk is what we use to create our artisan soaps and other goat milk bath and body products.  We love this sweet girl.  She loves to be sang to while she's on the milking stand.  We love our Sweet Williams Farm herd queen.