Fresh From the Farm

These paintings are inspired by our own farm animals and also by animals from surrounding farms in our area.


Happy Donkey

We met this sweet donkey at Reece Heritage Center Blairsville, GA

37417450_859171657615984_1613459380194246656_n copy.jpg

Spring Chicks

The Silkie Chickens of Flynn Farm, Jasper, GA



Kaitlyn the Llama, inspired by Smokey Mnt Llama Trek, TN


All Creatures Great and Small

Big Mama and Sugar, some of the first goats at Sweet Williams Farm


Georgia Peach

Delilah, our model for our Georgia Peach goat milk soap


Wild and Free

Inspired by the neighbors horse who often escapes and wanders into our pasture.


The Little Things

Inspired by our loofah vines and the butterflies who love their nectar.


Country Road

Country Road take me Home.



Vinnie the Rooster and our Sunflowers


Christmas Blessings

Inspired by Regan, a nubian doe who lives at Town Mountain Farm, Hayesville, NC


Country Living

This was one of my favorite paintings. I added my little goat, Sugar, to the left in the field, our chickens up front, our sunflowers and loofah’s growing.



Benji, one of the first babies born here at Sweet Williams Farm.


Down on the Farm

Down on the farm.


Rescue Llama

Llama portrait inspired by a local llama rescue group.


Dairy Herd

The dairy herd of Town Mountain Farm, Hayesville, NC

img036 copy 3.jpg


One of our dairy girls, Penelope, and model for our unscented goat milk soap.

Summer on the Farm

Ethel the Hen from Sweet Williams Farm and Sassyfras the Alpaca from Dancing Meadow Farm, Jasper, GA



Dazzle the Cow of North GA Zoo and Farm, Cleveland, GA


Wally’s Christmas

Our farm dog, Wally, and the old truck in front of BubbaQ, Jasper, GA

If you are interested in art prints or have interest in having images of Jill Williams artwork being printed on your products, please contact us at It is unlawful to copy and reproduce artwork without permission from the artist. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce or recreate my artwork. Doing these things is a violation of copyright laws. It makes my heart sad to see my images taken and used or recreated without my knowledge, credit or permission. I do hope you gain inspiration to follow your own creative direction in your own unique way. Any images recreated in a classroom setting taught by me is for educational and learning purposes only and you do not have permission to sell an artwork created in my classes. I encourage you to find your own style and I also look forward to you sharing your own unique creations with me.

Many blessings,

Jill Williams